1. Biomagnetism and medical applications
  2. Electronic structure and strongly correlated electron systems including superconductivity and superconducting spintronics
  3. Frustrated and disordered magnetism, including  artificial spin ice
  4. Antiferromagnetism and antiferromagnetic spintronics
  5. Artificial intelligence in magnetism 
  6. Novel 2D magnetic systems and heterostructures, including bi-layer graphene …
  7. Magnetism and spintronics in molecular materials and inorganic materials
  8. Magnetic materials for energy applications, including magnetocalorics 
  9. Micromagnetic modelling and magnetization processes
  10. Novel magnetic techniques and instrumentation, including metrology
  11. Magnetic materials: alloys, thin-films, interfaces, multilayers and nanomaterials
  12. Magnetorecording media, magnetic memories and magnetic sensors 
  13. Domain walls, Skyrmions and spin-orbit related phenomena 
  14. Spin waves, magnonics,  magnetoplasmonics, ultrafast magnetization dynamics, terahertz spintronics and optically driven spin excitations
  15. Magnetotransport, spin transport, spintronics, spin orbitronics and spin caloritronics, including devices
  16. Magnetism and spin transport in topological materials and Weyl semimetals
  17. Multifunctional and magnetoelastic magnetic materials, complex oxides, multiferroics and composite multiferroics
  18. Spins for quantum technologies